According to Wikipedia, death is a “permanent, irreversible cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.” From a biological standpoint, dying is a natural process that we have to go through when we age. I feel like the invisible clock is always ticking. …

For folks who have been working from home all or most of the time now during the coronavirus pandemic, I believe you might receive or have gotten a couple of cybersecurity training on how to protect yourself and your company from cyberattacks, phishing emails/ calls, network security best practices, etc…

Matrix Bubble Chart in Power BI?

I have been exploring different Power BI built-in visuals and custom visuals from the App Source in the past few months. Sometimes, those visuals have their own limitations and are not able to generate your ideal data visualization. My manager recently introduced Matrix Bubble Chart to me.

Matrix Bubble Chart in Excel (Source)

Looking at the…

Foong Min Wong

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